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Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1 - NaNoWriMo Begins...

So, NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. I thought of joining the throngs of writing crazed people last year but didn't make it. I let the lack of a plot keep me from my destiny. Yea, what destiny? lol But it is panning out to be a lot of fun at the moment. Who am I kidding, it's only the first day!! Just hoping the ideas keep flowing.

I started out this year with no ideas, no plots, no characters, no nothing. Just a hope to sit and write and complete 50,000 words. Mom has decided to join me in this effort. For her I bet it will be effortless since she has written short stories, devotionals and the like for years.  I'm just hoping to finish. I told DH I may never edit the book, I may never pick it up again to look at it. I'm just shooting for the accomplishment of completing 50,000 words in the month of November without boring myself to death. Lofty goal, don't you think? But first coming up with a plot was a headache and then keeping said plot was difficult. I went through a few...

Plot #1: Super smart kids use time travel to solve the world's greatest mysteries. I couldn't even come up with characters for this idea and started to panic. I was pacing around the kitchen when the next desperate idea hit me. (I will still keep this idea around for a middle school type book. Just don't want to stray too far into a Cyberchase type series. Too similar).

Plot #2: All the letters of the world are real living entities and they unite and rebel against all the authors of the world. They start pulling themselves from all written material and panic ensues. There would be a cross over from human land to letterland and vice versa, in some such time travel/portal way. This plot seemed feasible albeit a little farfetched and on the implausible side. I brainstormed with DH on Sunday and he gave me some ideas for altering this plot into something people might be able to wrap their brains around (he couldn't understand the alphabet letters. What did they look like, big A's sticking out of their heads? How did they talk? Walk? lol It is still in the back of my head for a children's book. Children are more apt to believe breathing A-B-C's... :))  

Current Plot: Last I typed, my protagonist, Soliloquy,  is being chased by an angry mob, her brain is filled with things she doesn't understand and to top it all off, random tattoos she didn't get are appearing on her body. It's going to be a busy fall for her.

So, onward and upward! It's a start...

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