In case you're wondering where I've run off to during the month of November, the little one and I are both participating in (National Novel Writing Month.) Are you writing too? (For new posts, see below...)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 8 1/2 - Pacing Myself

Quick note to say we're soldiering on. The writing has been slow on some days, faster on others. Some days the writing is pure genius, most days its pure funk but its all good. Just the act of writing gets you thinking. That's what matters. The act of writing. You may never look at this piece of work again. Or it may spark a whole new love of writing in you. You never know.

So far I'm about a third of the way through my writing at 16,624. tTe weekend was heinous. I wrote only about 800 words total. But I spent the wee hours of last night writing during sprint after sprint with other people online. There is something about the challenge of seeing how many words you can fit into a 15 minute time frame. It challenges me more than just sitting and writing. I tend to overthink too much when I have too much time on my hands.

My story has taken a side road. Not sure how to get back, not sure which way we're headed now. It could all come full circle but so far, no end in sight. Having fun though. 

My daughter is up to about 550 words. She was feeling completely uninspired the other day and I offered a cookie from Borders for 200 words of writing. I haven't seen her write that fast in like, ever. And it was good funny writing too! She just doesn't see the talent yet in herself, but I do.

I'll keep encouraging her, as each day of continued writing does for me...

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